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Automated garage doors, remotely controlled for Cheshire homes

Automatic garage doors.

"effortless parking is automated"

If you haven’t got an automatic garage door, then here’s a thought - imagine how hard a car was to steer or park before the days of power steering?

As a piece of proven technology, automated garage doors often mirror the benefits of now-standard vehicle features, such as power steering, remote central locking and ABS. In both cases they are excellent ways to enhance the experience and safety of use.

E-Ryder has witnessed that satisfied customers who have automatic garage doors installed realise what a potent innovation it is, and therefore never entertain the idea of going back to dealing with such a heavy structure, especially in unfavorable types of weather.

So if your garage door is manually operated, why not automate it? Take the effort away from this tedious task at the touch of a remote control! Almost all types of garage door can be successfully automated, the only exception being canopy door types.

Door types such as retractable, roller and sectional are designed with automatic in mind.

automated garage door remote control outside magic 1000 door operator

Automation explained.

All operators are extremely reliable, fully guaranteed and can stop/start the door at any time you wish from a comfortable distance away, typically the same distance as your vehicle's central locking remote control operates at. A minimum of two convenient, small remote control handsets are provided with each motor, along with a wall mounted switch for non-handset operation.

If you want the door to stop halfway down, or indeed anywhere in its cycle, just press the Stop button on the wall or remote control and it's done. A sensitive safety override (typically an infra-red beam) automatically retracts the door if it detects a risk of crushing something.

Low power use means that operating costs are negligible. Manual override exists in case of power failure. Each motor has its own unique security coding, easily programmed in but tamper-proof once activated.

There is an inbuilt security light in the motor to welcome you inside, which stays on for about two minutes. Security is enhanced because the important parts are inside the garage, not mounted externally.

So, if you like what you see, please don't hesitate to give us a call or contact us using our online form for a free quotation to automate your garage door.