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Garage doors supplied, fitted & repaired throughout Cheshire

Getting fitted.

If you bought a new door from a DIY store, but don’t want the unwanted hassle of installation yourself, we provide a high standard fitting service you can rely on.

It's also possible you have a door that needs re-fitting and you would like our team to install it for you professionally. Feel free to ask about this service from our contacts page.

parts for garage door fitting installation or repairs parts for garage door fitting installation or repairs

Arrange a repair.

If your garage door is maybe not working as well as it used to and is in need of repair, give your door the maintenance it deserves... we can restore it to original factory standard working order at minimal cost.

If you've had your automatic garage door for some time, it would be wise to arrange for a service. Regular maintenance ensures reliable, smooth operation of your door mechanism and fittings. Our policy has always been we will not try to sell you a new one if the existing door can be repaired.

Call out charge is £50 plus parts. Contact us today to arrange an appointment to repair your door or discuss our other service maintenance options.

contact us for emergency repairs